Books about the Gibbs Family History:

  • Pedigree of the Family of Gibbs
    First Edition compiled and printed privately by Henry H. Gibbs in 1890
    Third Edition compiled by John A Gibbs in 1932
    Fourth Edition compiled by Rachel Gibbs and printed by Kingprint Ltd in 1981
  • The History of Antony and Dorothea Gibbs & of the Early Years of Antony Gibbs and Sons
    by John Arthur Gibbs
    published by The Saint Catherine Press, London, in 1922
  • HISTORY OF GIBBS OF FENTON in Dartington County Devon, by Lord Hunsdon of Hunsdon,
    published by The Saint Catherine Press in 1925

Books by David J. Hogg about Tyntesfield and the Gibbs Family

David Hogg is an avid researcher, author and supporter of the National Trust and Tyntesfield, near to where he lives. He has delved into numerous dairies and letters of the Gibbs family and published several informative books on our rich heritage. His books are available from the Tyntesfield shop or directly from David.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam – Tyntesfield and the First World War
2012 – ISBN 978-0-9554457-4-3
This book is to commemorate the Centenary of the Great War. It is dedicated to the young men from Tyntesfield whose lives were sacrificed during the First World War

Diaries of Tyntesfield

Diaries of Tyntesfield
2009 – ISBN 978-0-9554457-3-6
The diaries of George Henry Gibbs, of George Gibbs of Belmont, and of Henry Hucks Gibbs open a window on the life of 19th Century Tyntesfield.

My Dear Uncle William Tyntesfield Letters

My Dear Uncle William Tyntesfield Letters
2012 – ISBN 978-0-9554457-3-6
Henry Hucks Gibbs collected family letters. He also wrote frequent letters to his Uncle, William Gibbs, many of which are in his Collection. These letters open a window on the life of William Gibbs and his family.

Tyntesfield and the British Empire

Tyntesfield and the British Empire
2007 – ISBN 
Tyntesfield has strong connections with the British Empire. Family settled in Kenya and Rhodesia; others served in South Africa, India and Australia

Books about the Gibbs Business Ventures

Fragile Fortunes

Fragile Fortunes: The Origins of a Great British Merchant Family
Edited by Emily Neil
Published by Ryelands Publishing in 2008

Birth of the Great Western Railway

The Birth of the Great Western Railway – Extracts from the Diary and Correspondence of George Henry Gibbs
Edited by Jack Simmons, Published by Adams and Dart in 1971

The House of Gibbs and the Peruvian Guano …

Publisher: Royal Historical Society, 1981

From Guano to Gold : The Diary and Letters of Vicary Gibbs from 1883-5

Edited by Shirley Hinkly, from Vicary’s diary of his travels around the world. Published 2014.

Books about the Gibbs Homes

Fertile Fortune

Fertile Fortune: The Story Of Tyntesfield
by James Miller
Publisher: The National Trust, London 2003