Gibbs Family Tree

This is the online version of the Gibbs Family; the culmination of four hardback editions dating from 1890.

If you are a family member and have been provided with a username and password, please select "Log In" (on the right below SEARCH) to be able to view information or photos of Living Persons. A Log In option is also available on the menu bar at the top of all screens.

You can use the SEARCH (either on the right here or on the menu bar at the top of all screens) to find individuals, or select "Surnames" and drill through the lists. You can also jump directly to a few family tree views from the links at the very top of the screen.

Various different views of individuals and families can be accessed via the tabs below their name. Other information can be accessed via the links below, or from the "Find", "Media" and "Info" dropdown menus. Please explore, submit any corrections or additions, and send me more information or photos that you would like to share

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