This website is maintained for descendants of Antony and Dorothea Gibbs to keep Gibbs family records accessible and up to date, and for those interested in finding out about the Gibbs family.

Information contained in the family tree is obtained from three sources:

  1. The “Pedigree of the Family Gibbs” book initially published in 1890 and most recently updated in 1981.
  2. Publicly available sources on the internet including databases of births, deaths and marriages, wikipedia and other publicly published genealogy trees.
  3. Information provided by members of our extended family of cousins.

We are concerned to maintain the privacy of any personal data contained on this website:

  • Information on “living persons” (including any dates, photos etc) is available only for family members on the tree who have been provided with a view-only username and password. This will not be provided to any un-related persons or organisations.
  • No personal contact information, other than for the Family Tree administrator, is maintained on this website (e.g. no phone or email).
  • No information from this family tree website will be provided or sold to any third party organisation.
  • Any updates and changes to information on this website can be performed only by the site administrator.
  • There is no commercial basis or functionality to this website and no financial information (such as credit cards) is maintained on it.
  • The website is hosted on a secure UK based server and all transfer of information between the server and a user is encrypted by an SSL certificate.

To the best of our understanding this family tree website is fully compliant with current UK data protection legislation and with the future GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU.

Should you have any concerns about the accuracy or privacy of any information maintained on this website, please contact the Administrator.