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  1. I’m researching any information relating to the Portbury Pier and Railway Company, 1844 – 1856.
    This was a joint stock company formed to construct a railway between Bristol and a deep water (floating) pier at Portbury.
    The scheme was part of I.K. Brunel’s vision of travel.
    The company was formed by Act of Parliament under the auspices of the GWR and typically attracted local investors and landowners.
    Due to the Gibbs family involvement with the GWR, I feel sure there must have been some interest in this scheme.

    • I have searched unsuccessfully to find definitive connections, but like you I feel there must have been some Gibbs or Bright involvement, or at least interest. Beside the GWR involvement Gibbs Bright & Co. were definitely involved with Bristol docks and were members of the Bristol Dock Bill committee in 1807. However by 1844 they had transferred much of their shipping business to Liverpool. With acquisition in 1852 of the SS Great Britain there were thoughts of a London to New York train/ship route, but the Australian gold rush diverted the ship to that destination for the rest of its passenger career.

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