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  1. I joined the aftermath of the story in that I developed a great interest in the wrecked ship “Royal Charter” owned by Gibbs Bright & Co. The ship was wrecked very close to my home in Wales. In 1972 I began yearly diving operations on the wreck, usually about three months each year 1972 to 1997. During our excavations of sand to gain access to the remains of the ship, which are vast, we found many items of value and of interest.
    The greater reward has been the the never-ending engagement with people from all over the world; the great great grand daugher of the designer and builder ofthe ship, relatives of those saved and those lost. I even discovered two of my own ancestors were shipwrights employed in the building of the vessel. Over the years it has been a pleasure to meet Charles and Prmrose Bright, Michael Gibbs, Nicholas Gibbs and so many more.
    Nowadays, my time is spent more researching and giving lectires on the subject rather than active diving. For the advenrurous there remains much more to be discovered.

    • Hello Jason, All the Brights that I am aware of having connection to my family originate in the west of England and regrettably I do not know of any links to Brights of Suffolk.

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