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Gibbs Bright & Co. in Australia — 6 Comments

  1. I worked at Gibbs bright springvale in the 80’s we were destroying records showing slave transport and sales within the company in the 1800’s, felt wrong destroying that history

    • My name is Graeme Christie, I worked at an advertising agency in the early 60’s we had the Gibbs bright account . I have some printed material you may like to have. If you forward me a post address I would be only to happy to send them to you. graemechristie44@icloud . com

    • A very intriguing revelation – correspondence with Phil reveals that several skip loads of documents dating from before the founding of Gibbs Bright in Australia were destroyed. It seems probable that these were more Bright Family papers that were shipped out to Australia last century, most of which were later donated to Melbourne University archives and have since been extensively researched. How these records ended being stored at a GBS timber yard is a mystery!

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  3. I have a bottle of Mc Callum’s perfection Scots Whisky bottle number A352 distilled and blended in Scotland bottled by Gibbs Bright & co 27 Grenfell street Adelaide 1 pint 6 fl ozs net , can you give me information when it was distilled , I can send you pics if you want, Daryl Seekamp

  4. I noted a “Gibbs, Bright & Co, Sydney” brass plate on an imported American made Hart-Parr tractor built in Charles, Iowa USA, date unknown, probably circa 1930’s or so with steel wheels. It was on display at the 125th years of settlement celebrations, Bogan Gate NSW on Sat 11th of March 2023.

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