The Diaries of George Henry Gibbs (1785 – 1842) – covering some of the years 1802 – 1840

The Journal of Vicary Gibbs Journey around the World 1883 to 1885

Eliza Crawley’s South American Journal 1828 – 1829

John Arthur Gibbs Diary 0f the Chilean Civil War of 1891

Memoirs and Reminiscences

Reminiscences of John Lomax Gibbs 1832 – 1914

In Memoriam – George Louis Monck Gibbs 1838-1881 – written by his wife Laura Beatrice (née Elton)

Memoirs of Raymond Kenneth Gibbs 1901 – 1982

Christopher John Gibbs – An Old Man Remembers 1902-1985

Edith Marjorie Gibbs née Ward, including Michael McCausland Gibbs – by her sister Kit.

Peter McCausland Gibbs – The Sandalwood Box (without illustrations and photos)
Part 1: 1938-53 BERG VELDT AND RIVER – boyhood memories including the first journey down the Orange river
Part 2: 1953-56 DREAMING SPIRES – Keble College, Vacations and Adventures
Part 3: 1956-59 FROZEN IN TIME – Three years with the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey in Antartica

Links to Related Family Memoirs and Reminiscences on other web sites

What a Strange Thing is Memory by Lucy Lindley Mitchell Molteno 1874-1969
(Michael Alban Gibbs Great-Grandmother)

Recollections by Carol Williamson née Molteno – 1901-1989
(Michael Alban Gibbs grandmother)

The Diary of Frances Lady Shelly 1818-1873 – edited by Richard Edgcumbe
(Rosamund Gibbs’ G3-Grandmother – caution very large file >100mb)

A Memoir of Charles Mayne Young by his son Julian Charles Young – pub 1871
(Great-Grandfather of Agnes Hilda Gibbs husband – file size 15mb)